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Much like HIPPA in the USA, Manitoba’s Canadian legislation requires confidentiality according to the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA). As part of our unwavering commitment to protecting the privacy and security of our clients' personal health information, every member of our team is PHIA certified.

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Generic Branding

We have generic medications that have the same active ingredients and are just as effective as Branded medications at a lower cost.

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Prescription adherence

Valid prescriptions are required. Approval from a primary care physician is essential and is part of our commitment to personalized and comprehensive healthcare practices.

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Special Packaging

We ship refrigerated medications in Cold Chain validated box service to ensure cold chain quality is preserved.

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Global distribution

Access to cost-effective medications for patients across 141 countries is at the core of our mission.

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High-Quality Medication, Low-cost dedication

We use regulated and trusted sources for medications around the world while finding the best prices for you. We are able to pass along the savings to you.

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Price Matching

We offer price matching to make sure we’re providing the lowest price possible there is.

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Patient counselling

Our licensed pharmacists conduct screening and review for every patient order, providing personalized support as required, to assure the safe and effective use of medications.

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Safety and well-being

We maintain a strict policy against high-risk products, such as narcotics, controlled substances, and pseudoephedrine containing medications.

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Medication Accessibility

Our diverse inventory includes medications that may not be readily available elsewhere. Rest assured that we have it here in stock or are doing our very best to find your item for you.

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Ordering from us is simple and safe. If you have questions or need assistance to place your order, please contact one of our experienced Customer Service Representatives.

We can also link you directly to a Canadian pharmacist to discuss your medication and provide counselling.

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We serve beyond our customer's expectations.

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About our partner pharmacies: CanadaOnlineHealth only works with approved dispensaries from countries such as Canada, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. All of our pharmacy partners are licensed in the jurisdiction where they are located. What this means is CanadaOnlineHealth is working with licensed health care professionals in licensed pharmacies around the world. We have direct relationships with pharmacies in Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Your first line of contact is with our pharmacy partner in Canada. Our licensed pharmacist partners in Canada are happy to address all of your pharmacy related health care concerns. By carefully reviewing your prescriptions our pharmacy partners ensure both the accuracy and safety of your order, considering both the appropriateness of the order and the possibility of any drug interactions you need to be made aware of. Please be sure to share all of your current medications with our staff when opening an account with us so our partner pharmacies may consider all possible drug related issues.

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