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Here at CanadaOnlineHealth we provide access to thousands of prescription medications and products commonly used by people just like you. Our partner pharmacies offer brand-name trademarked products as well as generic therapeutically equivalent products.

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When you place a prescription order, please ensure that you have a valid prescription from your licensed physician. The first time you place an order, our checkout system will ask you several questions to create your personal account. When you visit again, you’ll be able to sign in, see your previous orders, check the refill status of your prescriptions, etc.

Free Consultation

Whenever you provide CanadaOnlineHealth with a new prescription for a Canadian product, a licensed pharmacist from one of our Canadian partner pharmacies will contact you to offer free counselling services and answer questions regarding your prescriptions.

If you have questions or need assistance to place your order, please contact one of our experienced Customer Service Representatives!

CanadaOnlineHealth works exclusively with CIPA approved dispensaries located in countries such as Canada and the UK. All of our pharmacy partners are licensed in the jurisdiction where they are located. This means CanadaOnlineHealth works with licensed health care professionals in licensed pharmacies around the world. We have direct relationships with pharmacies in Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Your first line of contact is with our pharmacy partner in Canada. Our licensed pharmacist partners in Canada are happy to address all of your pharmacy related health care concerns. By carefully reviewing your prescriptions our pharmacy partners ensure both the accuracy and safety of your order, with consideration to both the appropriateness of the order and the possibility of any drug interactions you need to be made aware of. Please be sure to share all of your current medications with our staff when opening an account with us so our partner pharmacies may consider all possible drug related issues.