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Will the US Postal Service Changes Affect Prescription Delivery Speed? Here’s what we know

News August 20, 2020 | CanadaOnlineHealth

The United States Postal Service funding has been affected and new policy changes have been made.  Workers overtime has been eliminated and mail will be kept until the following day if distribution centers are running behind.  So how does this affect an order of prescription medication coming from Canada?

As CNN reported, USPS administration has slowed deliveries, removed high-speed letter sorters from commission, and issued a stark warning to election officials that mail-in ballots will no longer automatically be moved as priority mail. On top of that, the USPS has started reducing post office operating hours across several states, cutting overtime for postal workers and removing some of their iconic blue letter collection boxes.

Millions of veterans and many other Americans rely on the USPS to receive life-saving prescription medications. The current state of the USPS is dangerously delaying these deliveries and jeopardizing the health of millions of Americans and those who gave so much to serve their country.

Although there have not been any reports of delays at the moment, as the postal service suffers, deliveries may be affected.  If you are ordering your prescription medications from a Canadian online pharmacy provider, you may want to order a couple of weeks earlier than usual and use tracked shipping whenever possible.  This will allow the parcels to be tracked and determine where they are in the delivery process.  Additionally, and most importantly, these measures will minimize the possibility of running out of medication.

Deliveries from Canada continue as usual and as of today, we have no evidence indicating mail delivery of prescription medications has been affected. 

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