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Four Effective Medication Management Tips

News February 12, 2020 | CanadaOnlineHealth

As we age, it is likely that our health will change. Medication may be required to treat a new condition or disease. Managing these medications can become a stressful process – especially when there are a lot of them. It is imperative that all medications are taken safely and properly to maintain and improve the overall health of an individual. The most reliable way to ensure this and avoid medication mistakes is to use some form of medication management tool to stay on track.

To be proactive about your own healthcare, or the healthcare of a loved one, check out the four effective medication management tips and tools listed below:

1. Use A Pill Organizer

Pill organizers are a convenient, inexpensive, and easily accessible way to organize and manage various medications. Pill organizers are available with separate sections for specific days of the week or even times of the day. This allows the individual to manage and take their specific medication(s) according to the day and/or time without any confusion. Some pharmacies also use multi-dose medication packages, or blister packages which group specific medications that need to be taken together into certain packets marked with the date and time.

2. Stick To One Pharmacy

Having both yours, and your older loved one’s medications filled and organized at one pharmacy is an effective and practical management choice. This prevents confusion and stress about when, where, and how to get your medication on an on-going basis. Canada Online Health, and its CIPA certified partner pharmacies eliminate the issue of picking up medication(s), especially for individuals with limited mobility. Canada Online Health delivers your medications quickly, and right to your door. Our pharmacists manage all of your medication needs and will review your medication profile for drug interactions. Our pharmacist partners will work with you to ensure that you are getting the medication you need. 

3. Set A Schedule

Ensure you are taking your medication(s) at the same time each day to maintain a healthy routine. Maintaining a schedule and routine will simplify things for you and also be healthier for your body. For example, taking the medication with your breakfast each morning will help prevent you from forgetting about it. Taking your medication(s) at meal times is also useful for individuals taking medication that requires food or drink to be consumed. Note: please read all your medication labels as some medications require you to take them with food while others do not.

4. Keep Note Of Symptoms/Side Effects

Some medications may have side effects or unwanted symptoms that an individuals may experience. Knowing these potential side effects ahead of time will assist you in recognizing an adverse or negative reaction to your medication(s). Canada Online Health and its partner pharmacies provide you with medication information printouts listing all you need to know about your specific medication(s). 

Should any negative changes occur, ensure you contact your doctor immediately. Make a list of the symptoms you’re experiencing, including how often they occur, the times and severity. Along with this list, ensure you always keep an up-to-date list of all medications you take to inform your doctor or pharmacist of the medications you are taking. This will help make discovering potential drug interactions and/or common side effects much easier. Note that some medications do not work well or at all with other medications therefore it is important that all members of your medical team know all the medications you are taking; including prescription, over the counter, herbal, and home remedies.

With Canada Online Health you no longer have to wait for an appointment or leave the comfort of your home to pick up your medication. Canada Online Health is the number one solution for all of your medication needs. All medications come from our CIPA certified pharmacy partners. The pharmacists, and pharmacies we work with are all licensed and certified. They place your safety first above all else. Everyone at Canada Online Health is committed to helping all the individuals we work with. We will assist you in managing your health conditions and medications in the simplest way possible. 

Sign up today either online or over the phone and join thousands of other individuals just like you who experience our “World-Class” Customer Service and affordable quality medications from a certified trusted source.

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