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Can a Nicoderm Patch Help Me Stop Smoking?

News June 21, 2019 | CanadaOnlineHealth

Smoking is one of the hardest addictions to break. 

Nicoderm® is a small clear patch that is placed on the arm.  The patch delivers a controlled amount of nicotine to your body, which helps relieve the craving, and other symptoms that come with trying to stop smoking.  Over a matter of 10 weeks, the patches gradually release a lower dose of nicotine so you can slowly wean yourself from the addiction to nicotine and break your smoking habit once and for all!

Nicoderm® is sometimes paired with Nicorette® supplements and Nicorette® QuickMist as well.   Learn more about Nicorette®.  Known as Combination Therapy, combining these two products may help increase your chances for success.

How does the Nicoderm® patch work?

In the morning you will apply a single Nicoderm® patch.   The Nicoderm® patch is available in three strengths and is used as part of a 3-Step program.

Nicoderm® - 21mg patch – STEP 1

Use the 21mg patch to deliver 21mg of nicotine daily to your body for weeks 1-6.

Nicoderm® - 14 mg patch – STEP 2

Use the 14mg patch to deliver 14mg of nicotine daily to your body for weeks 7-8.

Nicoderm® - 7 mg patch – STEP 3

Use the 7mg patch to deliver 7mg of nicotine daily to your body for weeks 9-10.

At the end of this program you should be free of all cravings for a cigarette!

Did you know that smoking is a leading cause of heart attacks and heart disease?  After just 24hours of not smoking your risk for heart attack declines (Source: [/su_box]

How Can I Help Someone Quit Smoking?

Quitting smoking is not easy, and it is also difficult to watch someone you care for struggle with their own cigarette addiction.  The makers of Nicorette® offer some tips to help you support someone you know who is trying to quit.

  • Encourage Healthy Choices – Encourage them to get out and do something enjoyable.
  • Distract Them – One of the most useful strategies for someone who is trying to quit smoking is to think about something else, such as going to a movie or reading.
  • Listen to Them – Be supportive and sympathetic to their cravings, their feelings and their worries.
  • Learn the Facts – Quitting smoking isn’t a simple matter of willpower. It is a powerful addiction that needs to be broken over time.  Learn the facts so you can help your friend or loved one understand what they are up against as they break their nicotine addiction.
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