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Are Cequa Eye Drops for Dry Eyes Really Unique?

News 2022-04-01 | CanadaOnlineHealth

What is Dry Eye Disease? This disease occurs whentear production is not adequate to provide lubrication for your eyes. Another possible cause is poor quality tears. This can lead to eye inflammation and cause damage to the eye’s surface.

Dry eyes are often treated with some form of over-the-counter product or prescription eye drops. Your physician will determine what type of product or treatment you need, depending on the severity of your dry eyes.

What is Cequa Eye Drops and what makes it unique? Cequa Eye drops were launched in Canada early in 2022 by Sun Pharma Canada Inc. Cequa eye drops contain cyclosporine ophthalmic solution at a strength of 0.09% and is used to treat dry eyes. 

Sun Pharma claims that Cequa is the first treatment available in Canada that is delivered with nanomicellar technology which improves absorption and stability of the medication. The claim is that this allows more of the medication to get where it's needed. According to, Cequa is proven to help produce significantly more tears in just three months as well as improve signs of dry eyes in as little as one month. You need a written prescription from your doctor to purchase Cequa.

Restasis and Xiidra have the same indication - Restasis is another treatment for dry eyes that has been available since 2010 at Canadian Pharmacies. Restasis eye drops contain cyclosporine 0.05% emulsion. Xiidra has been available at your Canadian pharmacy since 2018. Xiidra eye drops contain lifitegrast in a 5% solution.

Although Cequa is being promoted to improve medication delivery, there is currently no proof that it is more effective than Restasis or Xiidra. All three medications work by targeting inflammation and can take several weeks to see results. 

Before treating dry eyes with medications, ask your physician or pharmacist about other options such as starting with artificial tears and a humidifier. Like so many other diseases, smoking can also increase the prevalence of dry eyes. There are several medications that may cause dry eyes as well such as tricyclic antidepressants, some antihistamines, overactive bladder medications, and more. Talk to your pharmacist about your current medications to see if these might be the cause of your dry eyes.

How much does it cost? Cequa and Xiidra are similarly priced at about $1000 for a three month supply. Restasis is available for closer to $800 and the generic is even less costly at around $400 for a three-month supply from your pharmacy in Canada. Prices mentioned are approximate pricing only, the actual cost may vary.


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