At CanadaOnlineHealth we celebrate healthy living. CanadaOnlineHealth was created when our founder, with nearly two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical business recognized a real need for an online destination where individuals in the United States and in Canada could order prescription medication safely, efficiently, and affordably. He believed that patients deserved an easy to use website that could facilitate the process of ordering prescription medication and over the counter medications to fulfill that need. Finally, and most importantly, he wanted to ensure trust through transparency and regulatory oversight.

Now, whether you live in Canada or the United States, you can order your prescription medications online with CanadaOnlineHealth, get refills, and even order over the counter medications and have them delivered to your door.

We make it sound easy – because for you, our friends, it is.

Our company is governed by our principle Core Values…

Safety: Our focus on safety regarding your privacy and the quality medications and products you purchase from us is our number one Core Value.

Trust: We have created a company you can trust to have your best interests in mind.

Integrity: We operate with honesty, fairness and decency you can believe in.

Dedication: Our team is dedicated to making your experience with CanadaOnlineHealth as pleasant and easy as possible.

Professionalism: Doing our job and doing it right the first time is our mission, with focus on outstanding results and excellence.

Customer Service: Here at CanadaOnlineHealth we will consistently meet if not exceed all your expectations! We provide World Class Customer Service to all of Our Customers providing each of you with the care and attention you need each and every time you interact with someone from CanadaOnlineHealth.

Gratitude: At CanadaOnlineHealth we will never take “You” Our Customer for granted! We will Always treat you with the upmost Courtesy and Respect, and we sincerely “Thank-you” for your Business, and being a part of who we are here at CanadaOnlineHealth.

We want you to understand that CanadaOnlineHealth is not an online pharmacy. Working as an agent CanadaOnlineHealth facilitates the processing and shipment of quality regulated medications from Canada, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand – all of which have strict quality protocols and regulations. We provide full operational transparency including our pharmacy partners, our management and our processes.

Understanding and helping you achieve overall wellness is what we’re all about, and we want to thank you for choosing to have CanadaOnlineHealth as your partner in good health.

Our door is open. If you have any questions feel free to Contact Us., is your #1 Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy service offering access to thousands of safe, affordable, reliable, brand-name and generic prescription medications from our licensed, tier one, certified full-service pharmacy partners; order online today or call us at 1-800-399-3784.
About our partner pharmacies: CanadaOnlineHealth only works with approved dispensaries from countries such as Canada, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. All of our pharmacy partners are licensed in the jurisdiction where they are located. What this means is CanadaOnlineHealth is working with licensed health care professionals in licensed pharmacies around the world. We have direct relationships with pharmacies in Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Your first line of contact is with our pharmacy partner in Canada. Our licensed pharmacist partners in Canada are happy to address all of your pharmacy related health care concerns. By carefully reviewing your prescriptions our pharmacy partners ensure both the accuracy and safety of your order, considering both the appropriateness of the order and the possibility of any drug interactions you need to be made aware of. Please be sure to share all of your current medications with our staff when opening an account with us so our partner pharmacies may consider all possible drug related issues.