A woman wearing a face shield and surgical mask to protect her

Face shields are an excellent option for COVID-19 as well as face masks

The COVID-19 pandemic arrived swiftly and found many countries unprepared. The supply chain for medical masks is concentrated in China and with the origin of the outbreak occurring there, it has resulted in factory closures and critical shortages.

Medical face masks help filter out large particles in the air and help reduce the exposure from saliva and other respiratory secretions from the mask wearer. Medical masks are recommended to use as protection but have been in short supply. Face shields, which can be quickly and affordably produced and distributed, should also be included as part of strategies to safely and significantly reduce transmission in the community setting. Now is the time for the adoption of this practical intervention.

For face shields to be the most effective in stopping the viral spread of COVID-19, the shield should extend below the chin, cover the ears and there should be no gap between the shield and the wearer’s forehead.

Here are some reasons you may want to consider trading your mask in for a clear shield. Although the best solution is to use the two together.


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